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Matthew Špiranović – Hot or Not?

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Let’s just cut to the chase – this Australia defender is hot, but it’s in a GQ model kind of way with that bone structure. He is long and lean at 6’4″ with amazingly broad shoulders, and looks fantastic in a suit. The 25-year old is Australian born and bred, and while he  played in Germany for five years, he returned home in 2011. Because of his parents’ heritage, he was also eligible to play for Croatia’s national team, but happily for his home country he chose the Socceroos.

This is his first World Cup, and while Australia lost their first match to Chile, I hope to see more Matthew on the pitch as I’ve always had a real soft spot for tall lanky fellows with great bone structure. And don’t you think he would look fantastic in ad campaign for Giorgio Armani? He’s male model kind of hot.. as you can see below!

Matthew Spiranovic Hot

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