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Tim Cahill – Hot or Not?

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If you’re a fan of dark and dreamy handsomeness, you will appreciate the hotness of top Aussie scorer Tim Cahill – he was born in Sydney, but his father is English of Irish descent and his mother is Samoan, which – as it turns out – is a fantastic combination! As the 34-year old makes his third appearance for the national team, he has the honour of being the first Australian to ever score a goal in a World Cup. Physically, he’s not big (5’10”, 64 kg ) but has a commanding presence on the pitch. Sports runs in the family, as his brother plays for the Samoan team, and three cousins play in the New Zealand Rugby League. He honors his Samoan heritage with those stunning tattoos, more details below.

He is married to his childhood sweetheart Rebekah Greenhill – they have four children together and tied the knot in Las Vegas (a couple after my own heart!). He is also involved in a number of charities. Yes, he is too good to be true. And hot.

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