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Andrew Surman – hot or not?

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Andrew Surman Hot

Let’s celebrate Bournemouth’s first ever Premiere League match with a piece dedicated to this rising Soccer Hotness – South African born Andrew Surman, whose previous experience will definitely help the newcomers. And make Bournemouth an enjoyable team to watch!

Now for the important stats – the 5’10” midfielder is almost 29 years old, and is definitely a family man. His wife gave birth to their third child, Lily, right in the midst of the 2015 Championship promotion race, and you can see how that turned out.. As for the hotness factor, he is right up my alley! A lean strong build with fantastic dark hair and the right amount of scruff. He was born in South Africa, but raised in Southampton since the age of 10 when the family moved back to England. He has been approached to play for South Africa, but decided to put an international career on hold for the sake of his family. Awwww….  hot and nice.. what’s not to love?

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