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Michael Owen hot

Just because a footballer has retired from the game, it doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be rated on SoccerHotness, as we take a lingering look at England’s very own Michael Owen. I’m reminded of this during Steven Gerrard’s last game at Anfield.. the two men were teammates for eight years, until Michael left Liverpool in 2004.

When it comes to the hotness factor, he has classic English schoolboy good looks – innocent-looking, but you know there is probably a bad boy underneath (ummm.. probably??). He isn’t tall (only 5’8″) but strong and fast. He is still a pundit for the sport, but now spends his days as a racehorse owner and breeder (who knew?). Still hot? Definitely. Check out the player, the spokesman (Tissot back in 2008) and the racehorse breeder.. any preference??

Michael Owen Stoke

Michael Owen Tissot

Michael Owen Ascot

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