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Ilkay Gündogan – Hot or Not?

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Ilkay Gundogan hot

Ilkay Gundogan is trending on Twitter for reasons related to Manchester United, who are reportedly this-close to signing the Dortmund midfielder for £21m, so it’s time to add him to the growing-list here on SoccerHotness! At 5’11” and a fit 175 pounds, the German-born player is of Turkish descent, and currently plays for the German National Team. He was invited to play for Turkey but declined the offer, stating it was the hardest decision of his life (so loyal too!). Known for his passing game and technical skills, he has a good head on his shoulders for someone his age.

As for his hotness, if you like interesting and exotic looks, he’s a guy for you – he has perfected the scruffiness and has a fantastic head of hair (check out that coiff!). Oh, and did I mention his girlfriend is Sila Sahin.. a very hot Turkish-German actress.

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