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Jose Mourinho – Hot or Not?

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Jose Mourinho Hot

The Portugese manager of Chelsea Football Club is widely considered to be the best manager in the world, and I really feel that asking “hot or not?” is a rhetorical question… we ALL know he’s hot. He has quite an impressive list of qualifications too – he studied sports science at Technical University of Lisbon before he embarked on his legendary career that saw him win the Premier League title in his first year at Chelsea, the club’s first league title in 50 years.

He has SO much hotness going for him – attitude and confidence (he coined his own nickname ‘The Special One’), very sexy salt and pepper hair (casually unkempt at times), the fashion (scarves, anyone?), the eyes (a piercing stare) and casual aloofness to sigh for. Then an unexpected smile lights up his face… and he has dimples.

Jose Mourinho Close-up

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