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Gareth Bale – Hot or Not?

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Gareth Bale hot

There’s something about a footballer who rocks a man bun, and Gareth Bale is top in his class right now! The 6’0″ Welsh winger has recently captured the world with his confidence and attitude at Euro 2016, but did you know when he joined the national team in 2006, he was the youngest player ever at the time?

His years at Tottenham Hotspur proved fruitful and he joined Real Madrid in 2013 for a record transfer fee, even more than Cristiano Ronaldo! But we’re here for the hotness, and you have to admit there is just something about him. He has a styled scruffiness, with his long chestnut locks usually pulled back in his signature man bun. Personally I like my footballers long and lean, and Bale has that in spades.. not classically handsome, he has an expressive face that shows off the attitude. Yeah, he’s my cup of tea..

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